Some news coverage on Meredith Graves

From the New York Daily News:

A Tennessee lawmaker angry that a home state tourist was busted with a loaded gun at Ground Zero introduced is threatening to go after New Yorkers who speed in his state.

In a resolution, Tennessee state Rep. Frank Niceley asked New York to “use common sense” in the case of Meredith Graves, who had a .32 caliber pistol in her purse and says she didn’t know that wasn’t legal in the city.

Nicely concluded his motion: “Be it further resolved that we remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great State of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits.”

Niceley said his threat against New Yorkers, who he said tend to speed through Tennessee on their way to Florida, was meant lightheartedly. . . .

Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna had a tart reply. “We agree, everyone should use common sense — which is what prosecutors in New York do,” he said. “Common sense also includes checking gun laws before traveling — something even the NRA tells people to do.” . . .

Mark Bederow, a lawyer representing other tourists arrested for carrying licensed guns in the city, said the Tennessee resolution is a symbolic gesture that highlights what a “grave miscarriage of justice” it would be to prosecute what is “clearly a misunderstanding.” . . .

The New York Post was less sympathetic:

Gun nuts in the Tennessee state legislature have declared civil war on New Yorkers — saying they will retaliate for the prosecution of a woman who was carrying an illegal pistol at the 9/11 Memorial.
A resolution winding its way through the Tennessee legislature warns New Yorkers not to drive through their state — because the Highway Patrol is “gunning” for us.. . . .

Graves faces a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 3 1/2 years if convicted of felony weapons possession; prosecutors have not said if they will seek an indictment on that or on a lesser charge. . . .

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Blogger Popgun said...

The correct solution is to shun New York. Don't take your tourist dollars to New York because they don't want our kind of business!

Kind of makes us gun owners feel like second class citizens, doesn't it?


1/21/2012 8:41 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

I wish that New York would merely treat us gun owners like second class citizens, instead, we are criminals as far as the government there is concerned. Our American right to keep and bear arms is a crime there. They really do act like a separate country that is not part of the United States. Can they really call themselves Americans when they do not respect the rights of Americans? One might as well go visit Tehran.

1/21/2012 12:42 PM  

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