One measure that Android users aren't as happy with their devices as iOS users

If Android leads in market share, why is it so very far behind in the rate that people use their devices for web browsing? Why are Apple devices used 3 to 4 times more frequently for web browsing?

Apple has finished 2011 with its iOS commanding 52.1 percent share of mobile web browsing. . . . Although Android dominates in overall smartphone market share when it comes to the number of devices sold and activated, the platform’s share of mobile web browsing is oddly far behind. Android rose from 12.75 percent to 16.29 percent over the course of this year.



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I would guess this actually has more to do with the way the browser is configured on the user's phone. Most Android browsers can be set to identify as desktop, Android, or even iphone, which can in many cases cause the server to send a different page that is formatted for the type of device.

Many people leave their browser in desktop mode and rely on text reflow to make the page usable on a smaller screen, and if a user wants to see the flash content on a page, they will have to identify as a desktop or the Flash content won't be served.

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