15 year old girl points gun at robbers and they ran away

It would have been nice if the family had taught the girl how to fire the gun before hand, but just having it appears to have gotten the criminals to run away. From KTRK in Texas:

TEXAS CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Officials said a teen in Texas City was alone when a pair of intruders broke into her family's house, but she turned the tables on the suspects by grabbing her father's handgun.

It happened Saturday afternoon at the 15-year-old's home on Meadowlark.

Texas City police said it wasn't a home invasion. They believe it was a burglary and the goal was to steal the family's truck. But the would-be thieves had a spunky high school freshman standing in their way.

"She says she was in the bathroom showering and when she came out she met two intruders inside her house," neighbor Anthony Campbell said. "She run and got her dad's gun. And when she come out, they saw her with the gun and took off."

Police say one suspect ran into the garage and tried to start her father's pickup. The girl told investigators she followed him in there, pointed the gun at him and he ran away.

The other man ran too, but they were able to ransack the house.

"She was hysterical, crying and stuff," neighbor Raylene Morgan said.

Morgan said the girl is smart and an A student, but the confrontation left her upset. . . .



Blogger Left Coast Conservative said...

"Morgan said the girl is smart and an A student, but the confrontation left her upset. . . ."

Upset AFTER the event is just fine. Getting the job done DURING the event is what matters, and this girl did just fine.

Hey, Joan Peterson! So handgun don't have any social utility, huh?

1/17/2012 8:36 AM  

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