A thought on Gingrich, Clinton and Adultery

Maureen Dowd and other commentators are trying to rewrite Gingrich's history.

[Gingrich] didn't get whiplash being a serial adulterer while impeaching another serial adulterer [Clinton] . . . .

Here is the problem. The impeachment wasn't about Clinton having an affair. It was about him lying under oath about it. Even worse, something that got very little attention, was that for me he was being forced to testify because of a law that Clinton had pushed for and signed. The hypocrisy here was that Clinton's defenders said that it wasn't a big deal that Clinton lied under oath because he was lying about sex. How many others dealing with sexual harassment complaints can simply justify lying because the action involved sex? My guess is that Clinton and his defenders would have cut these people no slack, but none of them have advocated that Democrats repeal their law.

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