Despite getting himself into trouble by sometimes speaking off the cuff, Newt has a very conservative record

From the American Conservative Union, Newt has a lifetime average of 90. The Republican average at that time was 85.
From the NTU 1979-98, Gingrich's score averaged 61% (100% is a perfect score on supporting lower taxes and limited government). The average Republican scored 56%.

From the Club for Growth:

Voted YES on the Reagan tax cut of 1981
Voted YES on the Reagan tax reform bill of 1986
Voted NO on the George H.W. Bush “Read My Lips” tax hike in 1990.
Voted NO on the Clinton tax hike in 1993.
Voted YES on the capital gains tax cut in 1997.

Other positions:

an immediate and permanent repeal of the Death Tax;
elimination of all capital gains taxes;
reduction of the corporate tax rate to 12.5 percent;
a 50 percent payroll tax cut for both employers and employees;
a 100 percent tax write off for businesses’ equipment purchases.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newt has sold out gun owners in the past regarding Brady Bills and the "assault" rifle ban. He doesn't seem to know the history or purpose of the 2nd amendment. Pretty poor scholarship for a supposed history guy.

12/06/2011 2:06 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Uh? Are you really serious? Newt oversaw the Republican controlled house voting to repeal the Assault Weapons Ban in 1996. Newt didn't control the Senate, and Democrats controlled more than 40 seats so there wasn't much Republicans could do anyway.


Newt is very strong on letting people defend themselves. I know Newt and I trust him on this issue.

12/06/2011 10:44 PM  

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