An amusing story about how one person reacted to the increase in US gun ownership rates

From the email:

A recent Gallup U.S. Crime Poll survey shows that gun ownership in the U.S. has soared. Some 47% of American adults report they have a gun in their home or on their property up sharply from 41% a year ago and the highest recorded since 1993. For U.S. this side of the pond, we find these numbers absolutely staggering and somewhat scary. Had I known this before my trip, I might have purchased the executive, lightweight bullet proof vest that one of our Italian salesmen modeled for me on an earlier trip to Milan.

Two other things really stood out in the survey. Over the last two years gun ownership among Democrats (including Independents who lean towards the Democrats) surged a staggering 10 percentage points from 30% to 40%, while Republican ownership was essentially unchanged ... Second, the number of women who reported household gun ownership also surged by 10 percentage points to 43%, whereas male ownership was essentially unchanged. I'm really not sure what this all means, except clearly female Democrats appear to be a lot more uncomfortable with the reality of the Ice Age than male Republicans do.



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Then there are many who own guns but won't admit it. I'd bet that the number is closer to around 60% of all households have a firearm. I for instance, used to own firearms, but while boating they all fell off the deck of the boat when a big wave swept over the boat and they were lost at the bottom of a lake.

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