AG Holder feels that Fast & Furious is really about him and Obama being black

From the New York Times:

Of that group of critics, Mr. Holder said he believed that a few — the “more extreme segment” — were motivated by animus against Mr. Obama and that he served as a stand-in for him. “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” he said, “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” . . .

Meanwhile, Holder has continued to stonewall any information on who approved the decision in Fast & Furious. From the Washington Examiner:

House investigators have asked Attorney General Eric Holder to appear again before Congress to testify on "flaws in the management structure" at the Department of Justice (DOJ), with an emphasis on the decision making behind Operation Fast and Furious -- a series of questioning that may force Holder either to reveal who approved Operation Fast and Furious or risk appearing to lack control over DOJ."

The hearing will examine flaws in the management structure of the Justice Department as demonstrated in the genesis and implementation of ATF's Operation Fast and Furious," House Oversight and Government Reform chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., wrote to Holder last week. "Specifically, the hearing will focus on what senior Department officials could and should have done to put a stop to this reckless program, as well as the specific areas where failures in communication and management occurred."

Issa also elbowed Holder over submitting a letter to Congress -- since retracted due to inaccuracy -- that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) never let guns walk to Mexico. "The Department's February 4, 2011, letter to Congress will be but one example of these failures in management," Issa told Holder.

The hearing is tentatively schedule of January 24, 2012 . . . .

UPDATE: Fox News has this discussion here.

UPDATE 2: Kruathammer has this comment.

"The reason he is, he is one of the most incompetent Attorneys General in U.S. history. He is the guy who brought on gratuitously the fiasco of the KSM trial in New York that even the Democrats rebelled against. He's a guy that has led a Department that has been either totally ignorant or disingenuous or worse on the Fast and the Furious scandal. And now he plays the race card. I think it's, to use his word, 'a cowardly use of the race card.' And it's unbecoming. It also is dangerous in a country where it can stoke that kind of racial animosity. He shouldn't be using it and I say it with all due respect," Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight. "Merry Christmas, Mr. Attorney General."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mister Holder, this is not about the color of your skin, but about the content of your character.

12/20/2011 12:30 AM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Obama and Holder both need to growup, manup, admit their mistakes, correct them, and move on.

This never ending litany of excuses is the product of the arrogance of ignorance. Neither man has the qualities to perfrom their jobs, much less admit to their shortcomings. I fail to see why these two clowns have not delegated some jobs to better qualified individuals, and keeping control of things by the simple method of having regular staff meetings.

If, as a leader of anything, and said leader is incapable of knowing what is going on with their subordinates, they should be replaced with someone who can lead.

12/20/2011 3:21 PM  

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