90 Congressmen either have "no confidence" in Holder or want he to resign

From The Daily Caller:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s list of Operation Fast and Furious critics has grown over the past several days, as four more have signed on to a resolution of “no confidence” in him.

Republican Reps. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Kevin Brady of Texas, Tim Griffin of Arkansas and Tim Walberg of Michigan have all now signed on as co-sponsors of Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s “no confidence” resolution.

Though it’s not directly a call for Holder to step down, the resolution alleges that the nation’s top law enforcement official’s actions have proven he is not “competent, trustworthy and beyond reproach,” and that he has sought to “cover up” mistakes rather than cooperate with Congress “in disclosing the events and circumstances and transparently addressing the issues.”

Griffin told The Daily Caller he signed on to the resolution because Holder has not actively held anyone accountable for Fast and Furious.

“Attorney General Holder’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month confirmed what I already believed: the Department’s Operation Fast and Furious and his mismanagement of the aftermath, including his unwillingness to hold people accountable, raise serious concerns about his ability to fulfill his duties as our nation’s top law enforcement officer,” Griffin said in an email. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

If my memory serves me correctly Dr. Lott, you once opposed firearms ownership, and set out to prove your point. Once the data was collated and checked, you came to the conclusion that your previous view was incorrect, and changed your mindset.

I find that this particular mess differs only in the fact that Holder, and his supporters refuse to even contemplate the truth that stares them in the face on a daily basis, hence my previous ramblings on this subjet.

Excuses, charges of racism, denial, and simply ignoring the voices of everyone around him. If ever there was an example of doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results each time, this would be it.

Holder has no grip on reality, simply ignores or fights resistance to his actions, and there are those whom support him?


Have the majority of Americans lost the ability to simply take some time to rid our government of such fools? To make their voices heard in order to make a change? Have we lost our way? Will we succumb to those whom wish to destroy us?

You, Dr. Lott, published data here at this blog, that led me in directions that help I see the 'context' in the politcal fabric of our nation that has led us here. Everything that I have seen, simply proves that human nature does not change. Power and Control. That's all it is.

Sometimes, in order to change the balance of power, those in government must affect society in some fashion. Change it somehow. Upset the balance...

You did state that crime stats from 1960 onward, changed in a radical fashion, no? Have you ever correlated that with 'Baby Boomers', and perhaps the loss of 'Jim Crow Laws', and the implementation of Welfare?

Society has changed to the point where now an individual can claim racism as a defense against incompetence, and folks accept that as an valid excuse.

You were able to prove the connection between 'More Guns and Less Crime', and you accepted the conclusions as valid, hence your change in mindset. Can you do the same with poitical power, loss of, and the regaining of said power?

12/21/2011 4:43 PM  

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