Texas Railroad Commission may let employees carry concealed handguns at work

From the Times Record News:

Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman has proposed a policy change that will allow RRC employees who are in full compliance with the state's concealed handgun license (CHL) laws to carry firearms while they are conducting commission business.

Smitherman said, "During the normal course of performing their jobs, RRC employees often work alone in remote and desolate areas of the state where they may encounter criminals or dangerous wild animals. The least we can do is allow them to exercise their legal right to carry firearms in accordance with state law."

"Upon learning that RRC policy explicitly prohibited CHL holders carrying their firearms, I turned to my friend Jerry Patterson at the General Land Office, and crafted a policy to use at the Railroad Commission based on the GLO's successful program, and today I asked my fellow commissioners to change our policy to this new standard," Smithermansaid. "I appreciate the support of Chairman Jones and Commissioner Porter to make this change." . . .

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