Gunwalker case hits the fan on Tuesday

The Obama people want to claim that they are no worse than the Bush administration. The “Wider Receiver” program gave direct notice to the Mexican authorities so that they could try to track the guns when they went to the Mexican side of the boarder. "Fast and Furious" made no such attempt to notify the Mexican authorities in anyway. "Fast and Furious" made no serious attempt to actually trace the guns and what is worse they knew that the guns weren't being traced. The Bush officials might have learned that Mexican police weren't up to tracing the guns, but at least they had a plan to try to have the guns followed. "Fast and Furious" gave out the guns, but agents and middle level people complained that the guns weren't being traced. From the WSJ:

Top Justice Department officials have settled on a strategy for explaining a botched gun-trafficking probe that includes blaming the now-ousted U.S. attorney in Phoenix.
The department has spent much of the year dealing with questions about federal agents' use of investigative tactics that resulted in the smuggling of firearms into Mexico. The issue is coming to a head Tuesday, when Attorney General Eric Holder is set to answer questions at a Senate hearing.
A hostile reception likely awaits from Republican lawmakers, who have pushed to make Mr. Holder accountable. More than 30 have called for him to resign.
At issue is a tactic that was employed by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to allow suspects to buy and transfer firearms in the hopes of landing big-time smugglers.
In the 2009-10 Operation Fast and Furious, suspects were allowed to buy about 2,000 firearms, hundreds of which remain unaccounted for.
An earlier operation called Wide Receiver, conducted in 2006-07 under the Bush administration, let suspects buy more than 400 firearms.
Mr. Holder and the Justice Department's criminal division chief, Lanny Breuer, have condemned the practice and said they wouldn't have permitted its use in the Fast and Furious operation. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

It appears to I, that there is a possibility that the Gunwalker program was done this way deliberately so as to provide an excuse to further restrict firearms ownership here in the States.

The media did report that Mexican Cartels were being supplied with American weapons, yet there were those who did not believe this. Anti gunners did latch onto this, and used it to promote their agenda. As usual...

Perhaps what we are witnessing here, is a simple case of blowback of a failed political agenda of the Obama administration. Obama, being a self proclaimed Constitutional expert, has time and again proven that he has no use for the Constitution, nor the rights that are spelled out in it. His agenda is quite clear, and his pattern of behavior proves it.

As for I, I will make certain that if the hearing is broadcast, I will watch every darn bit of it. Holder has been a loose cannon for far too long now, and perhaps now he may have to pay the piper for his misdeeds.

11/07/2011 1:18 PM  

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