So why don't the normal FBI UCR reports on campus crime report the gender of the victim?

I was looking through the FBI UCR reports on crime on college campuses and there seemed to be no problem finding the gender of the criminals (see here and here). It took some searching, but I eventually found this:

Given all the emphasis on crimes against women on college campuses, one would think that rapes of women are at epidemic levels. But rapes make up just 14 percent of violent crime against women, and just 6.3 percent of all violent crime. The male rape rate is not zero, but about a quarter the rape rate of women. For some reason I suspect that these rapes involve homosexuals, and I suspect that that they are much more underreported that rapes of women. But, in any case, where is the discussion about rapes of males?

Still, the real bottom line is that violent crime occurs on college campuses. To put it in perspective, Americans are very concerned about our murder rate at 4.75 per 100,000 people. Murders are rare at colleges, but the violent crime rate on college campuses is 60.7. The serious violent crime rate is 22.3.

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Blogger aprilenchanted said...

This article will explain why the numbers look so low. It's an issue of underreporting based on definition. http://www.ncrw.org/news-center/in-the-news/fbis-ucr-subcommittee-votes-unanimously-recommend-change-rape-definition

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