Ron Paul runs a pretty dishonest campaign ad against Rick Perry

This ad uses some subterfuge that is disheartening. First, on the theatrics, note that a young Ron Paul is shown with Reagan, but when Perry is linked with Al Gore, current pictures of Rick Perry are used. The obvious implication is that Rick Perry recently endorsed Al Gore for president, not long ago as it actually occurred in 1988, 23 years ago. The other thing that was left out was that when Gore ran for the presidency in 1988, he was considered the conservative Democrat in the race. Al Gore's views on gun control, abortion, and spending were much more conservative than they were later. It was basically after that run that Gore realized that the had to move well to the left if he was going to have a place in the national Democratic party, and it was before Gore went nutty on the environment. Rick Perry was still a Democrat at that time in 1988 and it was just before he switched parties to run as a Republican.

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Blogger darwinkilledgod said...

I don't mean to be petty, but it's not really a dishonest ad. Everything that is stated is true.

Granted, the use of young photos for Perry might have been more fair, but it is an ad... it's meant to convince you that Paul is more authentically conservative. Compared to what most political ads are I thought this one was incredibly fair.

Granted, Gore did become more liberal, but he was still a liberal Democrat... there's no getting around that.

9/07/2011 7:40 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks, darwinkilledgod, but if you look at Gore's voting record before the 1988 campaign, he did a reasonably good job of representing conservative Tennessee. Take gun control (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,996052,00.html):

"a month after the tragedy at Columbine High, when Al Gore strode into the Republican Senate, commandeered the ivory gavel and broke a tie to require background checks on people who buy weapons at gun shows. It was, he declared, 'a turning point for our country.' You could almost see the ad in the can. But in that same chamber 14 years before, Gore cast some other pivotal votes--ones that made him a hero to the gun lobby and that could come back to haunt him. 'We could have made Al Gore NRA Man of the Year--every single vote,' says National Rifle Association honcho Wayne LaPierre. 'It's the most spectacular conversion I've ever seen. It's worthy of being investigated by the church.'"

That change has been repeated over and over again on a range of issues.

9/08/2011 12:59 AM  

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