"JetBlue Pilot Charged in N.Y. After Gun Found in Bag"

There has to be some notion of intent in determining criminal charges. This is a little reminiscent of former Dallas Cowboys' coach Barry Switzer, who accidentally carried his concealed handgun with him in a bag when he was rushing for a team plane.

A JetBlue pilot is facing a weapons possession charge after a gun was found in his bag during a screening at New York's LaGuardia Airport.
A criminal complaint says Robert Paulson of Ankeny, Iowa, was going through screening procedures Sept. 8 when the screener saw something metal in the X-ray. A 40-caliber H&K pistol and bullets were found in his bag.
The complaint says Paulson had been in New York for at least the day and was returning to Iowa.
He was arraigned and released on his own recognizance. His next court date is Sept. 19. . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Obviously, he intended to bear arms, because that's what he was doing, since he had the gun with him. My commie compadres in New York don’t dwell on the legal niceties of intent when it comes to the crime of gun possession, and bearing arms is clearly the crime of gun possession, under McDonald. As a New York court recently ruled, the right to keep not bear arms only covers 'hearth and home', unless the person doesn't have a license for the gun, in which case, the so-called 'right', which is really a privilege, doesn't cover anything at all. One has to understand that in New York, the Second Amendment is a felony, except under very limited and highly restricted circumstances. We commies have been very successful in that state in turning the right upside down, so that it functions as a crime. The real irony is that we keep getting away with that! Ha! Ha! All your right to keep not bear arms are belong to us! Ha! Ha! When the Second Amendment says that people have the right to keep not bear arms, it’s very misleading. It would be a more accurate reflection of reality if it said that that the right of the people to go to the gulag for gun possession shall not be infringed, because that’s a right that we commies never want to infringe."

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