"Wisconsin Senate Recall Election Results Tuesday, August 9, 2011"

If you are interested in finding the results of the Wisconsin recall election, you can find them available here. Very few votes have been counted as of 9:39 EDT PM. My guess that in an hour we will have a much clearer picture. If Democrats pick up 3 of these 6 seats, they will at least temporarily take control of the Wisconsin state Senate. Two Democratic Senators face recalls later in August.

UPDATE: It looks very likely that Republicans have kept control of the Wisconsin state Senate. One race remains to be decided with Republicans clearly retaining 3 seats and the Dems picking up 2 seats (the Dems were able to ensure that the recalls against the Democrats don't occur until later in August). The Dems have to pick up 3 seats now and lose neither of the two recalls against Democrats. The last remaining seat is the 8th District where with 84 percent of the vote counted Republican Alberta Darling has a 5,019 vote lead over the Democrat Sandra Pasch. With only about 12,300 votes left to be counted, the Democrat has to pick up slightly over 70 percent of the remaining vote to win. That seems like a tough task for the Democrats, especially since the remaining votes come from fairly strong Republican areas.

One of the two seats that the Democrats picked up was won by about 2 percent.

The August 16th recall election for the two Democrat seats have two strong looking Republicans running (Kim Simac and Jonathan Steitz).



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