So who won the Republican Presidential debate in Iowa last night?

Using Intrade's estimates of the probability that these candidates will win the Republican presidential nomination, among major candidates it looks like the two Republicans who gained the most after the debate were the two who didn't participate in the debate (Perry and Palin). Romney, Huntsman, and Pawlenty all suffered a loss from their performance. Bachmann did comparatively well among those who participated in the debate by staying unchanged.



Blogger Marc said...

"So who own" = typo?

Should that have been "So who won"?

8/12/2011 2:22 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

I see no stats here on the probability of Texas Rep. Ron Paul to win the race. Why was info on Ron Paul excluded? Didn't he come in only 152 votes behind the leader?

8/14/2011 9:43 AM  

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