More support among law enforcement for concealed carry in Wisonsin

With 49 of the 50 states allowing concealed carry, and 41 of those states having right-to-carry laws, even previous opponents in Illinois are re-evaluating their position on the issue. Here is an article in an Illinois newspaper:

The Illinois Legislature may still be divided on allowing residents to carry concealed weapons, but Fox Valley police chiefs and sheriffs are much less split.

Of the dozen area law enforcement leaders contacted by The Courier-News, none said they opposed concealed carry. . . .

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, "Police not fretting over looming concealed carry law."

Law enforcement officers in central Wisconsin aren't too worried about people starting to carry concealed weapons under the state's new law, but they will be taking extra precautions.

The majority of people carrying concealed weapons will be law-abiding people who have proper permits and pose no threat, law enforcement officials said. Those likely to cause trouble might already have been concealing weapons. . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "What a bunch of traitor guys those cops are! We buy them off with a government paycheck, and they bite the hand that feeds them! Talk about ingratitude! They're supposed to support communist oppression of private citizens, not CCW for them! It's just not common communist sense!"

8/10/2011 9:53 AM  

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