Jake Tapper takes on Carney government doesn't create jobs

You have got to respect Jake Tapper. I have to apologize to him for whatever negative posts that I have ever put up on him. This guy is a true journalist who is willing to put his personal feelings aside.

RUSH: Yesterday at the White House Jay Carney, White House press secretary, said, "We don't create jobs here. We only create an atmosphere where jobs can be created. We don't create jobs here." Which means that you guys have created a lousy atmosphere. This is yesterday in Washington, a reporter said to Carney, "Why should Americans believe that the White House can create jobs when the unemployment rate's been stagnant and we have record unemployment?"

CARNEY: The White House doesn't create jobs. The government together -- White House, Congress -- creates policies that allow for greater job creation. . . .

See this post from Jake Tapper.



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