The Dennis Miller Posts interview on "The Danger of Gun-Free Zones"

For those interested, I had an interview with Dennis Miller available here. Dennis was nice enough to have me on his show again, and he was extremely nice to let me talk as much as I did (I probably talked much too much). Anyway, it is well worth it to subscribe to Dennis's show.

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Blogger kjvonlybaptist said...

John, I have been a member of the DMZ (Dennis Miller Zone) for about 4 years now...he really does like you and talks incredibly highly of you and your books/s. He has said your book is one of the only books that if someone is truly opened minded and reads it, they either change their mind or at least respect the other side. He puts More Guns Less Crime on the same level as Thomas Sowell's economics primer and Mark Steyn's America Alone...that's some good company. Keep up the good work and love your blog.


8/13/2011 11:29 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks very much, kjvonlybaptist. Well, I think highly of Dennis, and it is very neat for him to have me on when he does.

8/13/2011 5:44 PM  

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