Democrats continue to refuse to put out a spending plan, their strategy is to attack Republicans for their proposal but to avoid attacks on themselves

In May, I noted how neither Congressional Democrats nor the President have put forward their own budget plan. The AFP had this story on Sunday:

On Friday, two key Senate Republicans pushed Obama to make public his proposals in closed-door talks with Republican leaders and warned that "a last-minute deal, delivered under the threat of panic, will not be acceptable."
"We can surely agree that the American people deserve time to study the decisions their leaders are making on their behalf," Senators Jeff Sessions and Orrin Hatch, ranking members of the Senate Budget and Finance Committees, wrote in a letter to Obama.
Senate Democrats, led by Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, planned to unveil their own budget proposal by mid-week, potentially opening up another front in the war over US borrowing. . . .

Is not a surprise that the Debt ceiling increase discussions have gone nowhere when Democrats won't even put a proposal on the table? Could it be that the Democrats really want the debt ceiling talks to fail? More complaints about Democrats not putting forward a proposal:

Cornyn said on Fox News Sunday that Obama hasn't outlined a firm proposal for spending cuts to accompany an increase in the debt ceiling. The Treasury Department says Congress must raise the limit by Aug. 2.
"What I'm concerned about is the president by not seriously putting a proposal forward but rather just criticizing those who have," Cornyn said. "We are running up against this deadline. And they're going to try to present it as a fait accompli, nobody is going to have time to read it or consider the implications of it and it's going to say you have to pass it or the economy is going down the tubes. That's just irresponsible." . . .

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