Robert Gibbs is completely wrong about job growth under George Bush

The Obama administration is making false claims about job losses under Bush.

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper 19, after the debate, they talked to the former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about Obama's success and the campaign . . . .

Robert Gibbs: If the Bush tax cuts were great for economic policy, why did we lose three and a half million jobs. . . .

In fact, from January 2001 to January 2009, the total number people employed using the Household Survey grew from 137.778 million to 142.201 million -- an increase of 4.5 million jobs, not a drop of 3.5 million.

Total nonfarm jobs in the US using the Establishment survey grew from 132.469 million to 133.563 million. Again, this is not the same as a 3.5 million drop.

Robert Gibbs has apparently rejoined the Obama campaign.

Unfortunately, Robert Gibbs isn't the only one making misleading statements about the Republican debate.

At last night’s Republican debate, the seven candidates talked about unemployment, taxes, regulations, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s talk of a goal of 5% GDP growth, the individual mandate in the health care bill, the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, welfare reform, the Tea Party, currency policy, the National Labor Relations Board, Boeing, TARP, the auto bailout, Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal, former Gov. Mitt Romney’s health care program in Massachusetts, raising the debt ceiling, raising the retirement age for Social Security, the role of religion in public life, the 10th amendment, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on.

But President Obama’s 2012 campaign is sending out a DNC video suggesting the candidates spoke only about sharia law, an anti-gay-marriage amendment, repealing health care, Sarah Palin, and the space program.

“You should watch this,” says campaign manager Jim Messina in the email to supporters . . . .

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