Pilot using gun to stop hijacking

An old story about how an armed pilot stopped a hijacking. Back from the time when all commercial airline pilots had to carry guns when they flew.

Until now it was largely forgotten, a brief, tragic incident that lay buried in fading newspaper accounts and the memories of only a few, but the shooting of a hijacker by an airline pilot almost 50 years ago has taken on a new significance today.
It occurred shortly before noon on July 6, 1954, when a strapping teen-ager armed with a pistol commandeered an American Airlines DC-6 at the Cleveland Airport, only to be shot and fatally wounded by the captain.
The shooting ended the life of Raymond Kuchenmeister, 15. It made a reluctant hero of the late Capt. William "Bill" Bonnell of Fort Worth . . . .

Thanks to Kansas State Rep. Terri Lois Gregory for the link.



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