New Jersey Public Unions refer to Republican Gov. Chris Christie as Nazi

My question is whether any Democratic politicians will take the Union chief to task for using this type of language.

At a Thursday rally in New Jersey protesting Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s pension deal that would cut pensions and benefits to public workers, a union leader charged Christie with acting like a Nazi. And not any ordinary Nazi, but Adolf Hitler himself.

“Good afternoon brothers and sisters. Welcome to Nazi Germany,” Communications Workers of America District 1 Vice President Christopher Shelton is seen raving in a video posted on YouTube.

“We have Adolf Christie and his two generals trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany.”

The two Nazi “generals” apparently refer to two Democratic state legislators instrumental in reaching the pension deal with Christie. . . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Changing the rules of public employment equates to sending people to death camps? Uh, no. No.
Still, one should bear in mind that there is considerable variety among union leaders, with some less attached to reality than others, and the occasional one who is completely untethered.

6/17/2011 3:37 PM  

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