My son Maxim has top two most read news stories today at Fox News


Blogger Chas said...

"'We don't avoid or learn from mistakes if we just lie to each other about how we never do anything wrong -- which is pretty much standard operating procedure from what I have seen of our HQ people,' the agent said."

That sums up the entire history of ATF and the US Congress, with Congress being vastly more responsible for this s**t organization than ATF itself. Unfortunately, Cefalu's comment sums up ATF not only past and present, but also future. They will continue to exist and people will continue to die as a result. If they don't pull another Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or Gunwalker, they'll be pulling some other murderous effort against our gun rights.
The firearms function of ATF is unconstitutional - they exist to infringe - it's their purpose. No organization so ill-founded can succeed. Congress must do away with the unconstitutional laws it passed that are the basis for ATF's existence. Then the miserable organization will wither away and cease to exist, and people in the future will wonder why we ever had such an obnoxious monstrosity wasting our tax dollars to begin with. They'll think we were crazy. They'll be right.

6/28/2011 3:56 PM  

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