Liberals are upset about the victories for vouchers this year

The Left wing "Nation" magazine claims that they know why conservatives support vouchers: "the Friedmanites seem to have concerns that are less about children and good education than about privatization, small government and the blessings of the free market." Apparently left wingers don't understand that the reason some people support the market is that they think that it does a BETTER JOB providing products, including education. That means a lot better education for the children.

Early in May, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed what is probably the broadest voucher law ever enacted in this country. A few days later Oklahoma approved tax credits for those who contribute to a privately funded private school “opportunity scholarship” program. In New Jersey, on May 13, a voucher bill was approved by a Senate committee with bipartisan support. In Washington, DC, the voucher program, which was killed by the Democratic majorities in the last Congress, is all but certain to be restored. In Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, famous for his attack on union collective bargaining rights, is pushing hard to broaden Milwaukee’s voucher program to other cities and many more children.

Altogether, according to the Foundation for Educational Choice, a pro-voucher organization that lists Friedman as its patriarch, more than fifty-two bills have emerged this year, some passed, some still pending, in thirty-six states—among them Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania—providing funding for vouchers, tax credits or other tax-funded benefits for private education. . . .

And early in April, using a procedural dodge, a bitterly divided Supreme Court further heartened the movement by upholding Arizona’s law providing tax credits for contributions to “school tuition organizations”—scholarship funds for private and religious schools. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Under normal circumstances, I would put forth that; 'What one does not understand, one fears. What one fears, one comes to hate. What one comes to hate, one attacks.'

This is not the case here. Liberals fully know that they cannot, or will not provide a teaching service that can compete with the private sector. One must also consider that if Liberals no longer control what our children are taught, they can no longer force their false views of history, law, etc. in their curricula. Allow me to rephrase that sentence: BRAINWASHING.

Heck, ask any school age child who freed the slaves, and he/she will tell you that Lincoln did. Lincoln did not free a single slave. The 13th Amendment did, adopted on December 6, 1865. Lincoln died April 15th 1865. Ask a Teacher who the party of Slavery was... The reaction should be amusing.

6/06/2011 1:37 PM  

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