Did Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Bradley attack Prosser?

Chief Justice Ann Walsh Bradley contends that Justice Prosser tried to choke her. The American Thinker provides some helpful links here and summarizes the issue here:

Two to one says Bradley advanced toward Prosser threatening him. You will probably get different stories from others who were present, all dependent on the political point of view of the "witness." . . .
To automatically grant Bradley a pass without hearing some of the things she has thrown at Prosser and other conservatives is ridiculous. This should be taken into account because as we've seen in the past, when liberals insult conservatives, they see it as speaking the truth, not as a personal attack. Just ask Rep. Alan Grayson or former Rep. Weiner if they are abusive toward their Republican colleagues. No doubt Bradley thinks herself entirely innocent in the matter of provoking others on the court.
Reality may very well be quite different.

This police report may prove to be very interesting. Bradley may wish that she never never provoked this public discussion.

UPDATE: One strange point that I just noticed is that the alleged choking supposed took place earlier this month before the Supreme Court's decision on collective bargaining in the state. That decision was given out on June 14th. Yet, Bradley went to the media on Saturday. Why did it take her so long to go to the press?

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