ATF Director Resisting Pressure to Quit

With the scandal over the gun walker case gradually getting revealed, the pressure has been building on Kenneth Melson to get him to quit. Why not simply fire him? I have wondered whether the Obama administration wanted to increase American originated guns in Mexico so they simply put pressure on gun dealers to sell guns to Mexican gun traffickers. Does Melson have something on the Obama administration that makes it so that they can't simply fire him?

Under the leadership of Kenneth Melson, the ATF began "Operation Fast and Furious" in fall 2009 – a program established to trace the sales of illegal firearms to Mexican drug cartels.
But the program instead put guns in cartel hands, two of which were found at a crime scene where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010.
One source, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed Melson has said in high-level discussions he didn’t want to be the "fall guy" on the scandal.
"He is saying he won’t go," the source told the Los Angeles Times. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

We know about the guns from private dealers that crossed the border, but what about the guns from US government arsenals that were sent to Mexico? Did the Obama administration know that those guns were going out the back doors of Mexican government arsenals directly to the drug cartels?
If we can connect guns from private dealers and those from federal arsenals, then we'll have an across the board, Obama administration policy of getting guns into the hands of criminals. That's clearly grounds for impeachment.
Gunwalker alone may ultimately be grounds for impeachment, but there may be an even worse side to the administration's behavior. Gunwalker may turn out to be only the more easily discovered tip of a guns to criminals policy iceberg.

6/27/2011 7:39 AM  

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