Wasted government spending on research

There is no reason for government funding for these projects. People can fund these studies privately if they want them done. Senator Coburns press release is available here. His study is available here.

$50,000 to produce and publicize amateur songs about science, including a rap called “Money 4 Drugz,” and a misleading song titled “Biogas is a Gas, Gas, Gas”

$2 million to figure out that people who often post pictures on the internet from the same location at the same time are usually friends

$80,000 study on why the same teams always dominate March Madness

$315,000 study suggesting playing FarmVille on Facebook helps adults develop and maintain relationships

I guess that I don't agree with Coburn that this is one of the best agencies. For example, it isn't obvious why the government should be funding any economics research.

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