"Union Issues Threat to Dems: Help Us or Pay"

From Fox News:

AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka issued a threat to Democrats nationwide at the National Press Club on Friday, calling on them to support his and other unions or face losing their support.

"We will spend the summer holding elected leaders in Congress as well as the states accountable on one measure: Are they improving or degrading life for working families? We are looking hard at how we work in the nation's political arena," Trumka said, according to prepared remarks. "We have listened hard, and what workers want is an independent labor movement that builds the power of working people - in the workplace and in political life." . . .



Blogger Left Coast Conservative said...

An empty threat. If the unions throw the Democrats over, where will they go for political support? Republicans? Independents? Nonsense. No way will they break off from the Democrats.

Private sector unions are increasingly irrelevant.

5/22/2011 1:49 AM  

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