So where does the media go for its news stories?

I have pointed out previously how many in the media seem to read Media Matters. Now it appears that a lot of the media goes to the equally left wing Talking Point Memo.

Taken together, the pile-up is a cautionary tale about the downside of the blogosphere.

It all started on Friday, when David Kurtz, TPM’s managing editor and Washington bureau chief, linked to his colleague’s story about Brown’s office’s clarifications of his statements to the local chamber of commerce about the House-passed GOP budget.

"The leaders will bring forward [the House GOP] budget, and I will vote for it, and it will fail. Then, the president will bring forward his budget, and it will fail. It will be great fodder for the commercials,” Brown had said to the chamber. His spokesman, Colin Reed, later clarified that he meant to say he would vote “on” the budget, not “for” it.

Kurtz summarized the story he was linking to with an ironic paraphrase.

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA): When I said last week that I was going to vote for the House GOP's plan to abolish Medicare what I really meant was I was going to vote on it -- and I have no idea yet which way I'm going to vote.

The Boston Globe then picked up this paraphrase as the top quote in its story about Brown walking back his comments on the Ryan plan. Others followed suit, including Hotline and the New York Times. . . .



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