Put this in the obvious file, politicians cheat more because they have more opportunities

So women are attracted to power. This is news?

The upcoming Psychological Science study did not find evidence that people who travelled more cheated more, but politicians do have more opportunities to stray than the average person.
"They do meet a lot of people," said Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington in Seattle who studies sexuality and relationships. "Women are impressed with their position, and they are attractive to women who might have never noticed them if they were an accountant."
Indeed, Coontz said, gender role socialization plays right into the hands of potential political adulterers.
"There's a tremendous identification of power and privilege with sexual excitement, so it's easy for the guys to translate the ego trip they are on constantly into sexuality," Coontz said. Meanwhile, women who believe that rubbing elbows (or more) with the rich and powerful will benefit them are more likely to accept the position of mistress.
Politicians "have a lot more willing takers than your ordinary guy," Coontz said. . . .



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