Newest Fox News piece: Who Has the Best Plans to Rescue America from the Budget Crisis?

My newest Fox News piece starts out this way:

Who has the best plans to fight the budget crisis? Well, it seem that the Democrats do not even have a plan, or perhaps they secretly have one but are embarrassed to release it. Either way, Democrats are stubbornly refusing to release any budget plan. Instead, they just complain about the two that have been presented so far. 

Thus when the Senate voted on budget plans this week, Senators considered two options but neither one received a single yes-vote from a Democrat. 

One proposal, the House Republican budget, the so-called "Ryan plan," was attacked by Democrats as "draconian” or “unconscionable." 

The other option was President Obama's plan from February. But as The Hill newspaper reported: “the Democratic caucus would not support the [president’s February] plan because it has been supplanted by the deficit-reduction plan Obama outlined at a speech at George Washington University in April.” 

So why not vote on the April plan? . . .

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