Criminal released from jail "because locking him up breached his family’s human rights"

Well, at least in the UK parliament can over turn these decisions relatively easily.

A burglar was let out of jail yesterday because locking him up breached his family’s human rights.
In a staggering judgment, the Appeal Court ruled that the rights of Wayne Bishop’s five children were more important than those of his victims or the interests of justice.
MPs said it opened the way to thousands more convicts claiming a ‘get out of jail card’ under the controversial Human Rights Act.
Article 8, the right to a family life, has repeatedly been used by foreign criminals to avoid deportation from the UK. But this is believed to be the first time it has been used to let a prisoner walk free from jail. . . . .


Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course it violates his family's human rights to keep him locked up! That's a perfectly good reason to put our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals back on the street so they can continue to help us destroy capitalism and bring down America. I mean, if he murdered someone, but he had a kitten at home to take care of, you wouldn't want the kitten to suffer would you? We communists are very sensitive, compassionate and sensible like that."

5/28/2011 5:51 AM  

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