Should taxpayer dollars be used to send political messages?: The Obama administration sure seems to think that is the case

Why should some taxpayers be forced to support the political beliefs of others? Maine Gov. Paul LePage didn't think that they should so he removed a mural in one of the state office buildings. Apparently, once you put up a mural paid for with Federal government money you are stuck with it.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who ignited a storm of protest by removing a labor-themed mural from a state office building last month, is now facing demands from the U.S. Department of Labor to restore the artwork or repay the $60,000 federal grant used to create it.
In a letter to LePage on Monday and obtained by FoxNews.com, the department said the Republican governor violated the terms of federal laws governing money used to pay for most of the mural's price tag when he removed it over concerns about the message it sent.
Gay Gilbert, administrator of the U.S. Labor Department's office of unemployment insurance, said LePage would have to return the money to the unemployment trust fund states use to pay jobless benefits. The federal government manages the funds, which are financed through unemployment insurance taxes that employers pay. . . .

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Blogger Scott said...

I'd say the real crime is that the feds paid $60k for that ugly mural!

4/06/2011 10:24 PM  

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