Princeton Lecturer loses job over political correctness, commits suicide

I would be nice to know what the political correctness issue was here.

A Princeton University Spanish teacher committed suicide in Chelsea after the Ivy League school failed to renew his contract, a friend said yesterday.
Antonio Calvo, 45, was found inside his 12th-floor apartment on W. 26th St. April 12 with self-inflicted slash wounds to his neck and arm, authorities said.
Calvo, who began teaching at Princeton in 2000 but did not have tenure, had been told four days earlier that he would not be brought back as a lecturer and as director of the Spanish program.
"This news came after a long campaign was launched against him by a group of graduate students and a lecturer from the department," the friend, Marco Aponte, told The Post.
Aponte said he'd been told the attacks on Calvo involved "political correctness."
He said the Spanish Department recommended renewing Calvo's contract but was overruled by the university.
"Antonio was very devoted to his job and worked very hard," said Aponte, a professor at a British university.
One of Calvo's students, Philip Rothaus, said the professor was "an absolutely amazing man."
Aponte said Calvo would have been forced to leave the United States since his visa was sponsored by Princeton. . . .



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