Biased Chicago Tribune news story on Concealed Carry

Second City Cop has this discussion about how the Chicago Tribune is covering the concealed carry debate in its state.

This is a misleading article by the anti-gun people over at the Tribune:
Chicago police joined gun control groups Wednesday to voice concerns about flaws in Illinois' mental health screening system for would-be gun owners, problems that could be amplified with passage of a bill to allow permits for carrying concealed firearms.

But evidently, the Tribune has neglected to mention the following organizations that have come out in favor of the Right to Carry in Illinois
Chicago Sgt's Association

Chicago Lt. Association

IL Association of Chiefs of Police

IL Sheriffs Association

The only people who seem to be against concealed carry are the exempts that Shortshanks sends down to Springfield - exempts who owe their continued employment as exempts to the political machine run by a midget who is protected 24/7 by armed guards. And who will continue to be protected by armed guards following his retirement from the public arena, despite the fact we've never seen a credible threat to his safety. At least Ed Burke had the foresight to publicize his threat from 30 years ago and managed to garner another more recent threat from a senile old man when Rahm made noises about removing his security detail.

Strangely absent from the above list - the Chicago FOP. Maybe it's about time the organization polled it's members and publicized where it stands, either with the citizens who know we're undermanned, who know we can't be everywhere at once and who are willing to help us out or with the political masters who don't trust citizens to be responsible for their own well being and less dependent on the government. . . .

Thanks to Gus Cotey and David Codrea for leading me to this story.

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