With a deficit of $1.65 trillion, Obama meets Republicans "halfway" and offers to cut an entire $6.5 billion

The real question is why Obama thinks that this is an acceptable response to the current massive deficit. Hasn't Obama been talking about how we must quickly get the deficit under control.

Republicans are fuming at a White House proposal to cut $6.5 billion in spending for the rest of the fiscal year, a fraction of the $61 billion the GOP in the House voted on last month.

On the Senate floor Friday morning, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called President Obama’s newly revealed plan “unserious.”

“The White House proposal, as outlined by the president’s economic adviser yesterday, is to cut another $6 billion and call it a day,” McConnell said. “Even more outrageous, they say, is the proposal meets us halfway.” . . .

Dan Coats, the Republican senator from Indiana, called the White House proposal “a drop in the ocean.”

“Just do the math,” Coats said on Fox News Friday afternoon. “1.6 trillion -- $6 billion of cuts isn’t going to begin to do the job.”

Coats also challenged Obama to “step up” and provide stronger leadership in making the necessary cuts. “We can’t get there without his leadership, [and] we’re not getting that right now.”



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who fails to do arithmetic is doomed to nonsense. (paraphrasing John McCarthy) Obama's Americans fail to do arithmetic, dooming us all.

3/06/2011 6:28 AM  
Blogger Sherm said...

Restating the numbers may help people grasp the unseriousness of the proposal more easily. Likes to likes. It's just easier to compare $6.5 billion to a deficit of $1650 billion and a budget of $3700 billion.

3/06/2011 9:31 AM  

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