Gun control rules for normal citizens but not for politicians

California politicians see the need for concealed carry when it comes to themselves, though they still oppose them for other citizens.

Politicians in California say their working lives are now so dangerous that they should be given special dispensation to carry concealed guns to their offices in order to protect themselves.

Members of the California state assembly in Sacramento from both main parties have introduced a bill that would put politicians in the same class of workers vulnerable to violence as agents who arrange bail for defendants or jewellery shop owners.

The bill would grant California's representatives to Congress in Washington and its state politicians a "good cause" classification, entitling them to carry hidden guns while in the state on the grounds of self-defence.

The legislation, sponsored by two Democrats and one Republican politician in the Californian assembly, specifically refers to January's mass shooting in Tucson in which six people were killed and 13 injured, including Congress member Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head.

Lou Correa, a Democrat member of the Californian senate, told the Los Angeles Times that, in the wake of Tucson, he was considering keeping a stun gun in his office and said one of his employees had asked for increased protection from potentially violent members of the public.

"I've had guys physically come up to me ready to punch me out," Correa said, adding he had received email death threats. . . .



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