Newest Fox News piece:Mayor Bloomberg's Arizona Gun Show P.R. Stunt

My newest piece for Fox News starts this way:

New York City's murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault rates rose last year according to preliminary FBI data, with murders alone increasing by more than 12 percent. But instead of concentrating on crime in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg just spent $100,000 of the NYPD's budget sending police to Arizona to buy guns at a gun show.
The "sting" was a waste of money that misleads Americans and did nothing to reduce crime. Talk about an aggressive publicity stunt. Arizona officials had not been informed of the operation, which meant that any potential crimes uncovered by the New York City officers could not be prosecuted.
But, instead of spending $100,000, Bloomberg could have learned what he did for the price of a phone call or an Internet search. Arizonans, like residents in 31 other states, can buy guns from private individuals without a criminal background check, just an Arizona driver's license to demonstrate residency. . . .

UPDATE: Of course, this is a mayor who just spent $245,000 on chefs:

When Mayor Bloomberg came into office there was just one executive cook at Gracie Mansion to make the VIP feasts.
Today there are three - costing taxpayers a whopping $245,000 this year. . . .
According to figures revealed by the New York Daily News, his longest-serving man in the kitchen, Feliberto Estevez, picks up $97,000.
His pastry chef Jerry Montanez who was hired in 2007 is paid $68,000 while Jose Velazquez is on $80,000 after getting a $10,000 pay rise last July. . . .
When Rudy Giuliani was mayor he had one executive cook, Anna Maria Santorelli, who was also the mansion's overall manager. . . .

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