Shania Twain pulls a Rosie O'Donnell

David Codrea writes:

“Shania Twain didn't exactly have a shotgun wedding yesterday in Puerto Rico ... but it sure was a pistol -- as in what the guards were packing on the beach during the ceremony,” TMZ.com reports.

We’re told there were “several armed security guards.”

Funny—the one we see with the pistol tucked in his belt appears to be in violation of Puerto Rico firearms law, unless slacks and a T-shirt are considered a “uniform”:

Provided, that in the case of private security guards who hold a permit to carry, are uniformed and in the exercise of their duties, they may carry the weapon in plain sight.

But here’s the thing about the privileged Ms. Twain employing armed guards (lawbreaking or otherwise) in the first place—she’s a big advocate of infringements against those of us who can’t afford an armed security presence and must rely on being our own first line of defense.

She was one of the signers (see item 6 for complete list) of the Handgun Control, Inc. (since changed to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, to help mask their intentions) “Open Letter to the NRA,” a full page ad published in USA Today. . . .



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