My piece at The New York Times: The Case for Arming Yourself

My piece starts this way:

One can only hope that Saturday’s horrible attack in Tucson encourages more citizens to carry concealed handguns. Fortunately, one shopper in the Walgreen’s near Representative Giffords’ event was Joseph Zamudio. When he heard the shots he ran toward them because his legally carried 9 mm semiautomatic offered him protection. Joe helped tackle the killer before more harm occurred. Too bad someone like him wasn’t even closer to the crime.

But Joe showed that law-abiding citizens with concealed handguns can exercise excellent judgment in when is the right time to use their guns. When it made more sense for him to tackle the attacker, he did that rather than use his gun. Everything from public school shootings to church shootings has been stopped by citizens with concealed handguns. . . .

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Blogger Claude said...

I hope you had nothing to do with the last paragraphs where "clips" are mentioned. This sentence is blockquoted.

"Limiting guns' clip size won’t lower crime. If only criminals get higher clips, they have an advantage."

It doesn't sound like you wrote this. As far as I know, only thugs in B movies talk this way about magazines.

1/14/2011 10:59 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

If a mass murderer attacks (with a gun, knife, ax, machete, flamethrower, whatever) who do you want to have standing next to you? An NRA member with a Glock, or a liberal who supports gun bans?

Markie Marxist sez: "I'll take my chances with the liberal because it would be too embarrassing to have my life saved by an NRA member. I'd rather get killed than die of embarrassment! My commie compadres would never speak to me again! I'd be a socialist outcast!"

1/15/2011 7:58 AM  
Blogger Karl said...

The comments at your NYT article are amazing.

Ideology trumps everything, including the obvious logic that crime victims are in the right place, time and position to best defend themselves from violent crime, assuming they have the means.

The comments suggest many Americans will have to continue suffering random assaults.

1/15/2011 12:17 PM  

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