Iowa moves to concealed carry on January 1st

Iowa moved to concealed carry on January 1st.

There's new legislation that will change Iowa's gun laws. On January 1st a new Iowa law will aim to standardize the process for folks to get a permit to carry weapons.
But, many of the laws in place will remain unchanged. Iowans still need to have taken a gun safety course at some point during their lives.
Applicants can't have a felony or domestic violence conviction on their record. They can't have been convicted of any misdemeanor assault charges in the last three years.
Iowans, who want a permit to carry a concealed weapon, can't any mental impairments that caused an involuntary committal to an institution. They can't be addicted to drugs or alcohol or have any documented evidence suggesting they'll use a firearm to endanger themselves or others.
In the past, the process wasn't easy. In fact, there was no guarantee you'd get a permit even if you applied. You see, county sheriffs still had the final say and could deny your application.
But, things are about to change.
Come January first sheriff's will have lost that power. This new law means if you fit the qualifications listed you'll get a weapons permit. Even if your county's sheriff objects. . . .



Blogger Why All The Hype? said...

I do NOT disagree with this law. Although I think it should be slightly more difficult to get a CCW permit, I do think all citizens that qualify should be able to. I qualify since I was in the military, but in my opinion, that alone should not be enough qualification alone. Only based on my DD-214, my experience could be very minimal, but in my case, my training was more intense and complete, but I still feel the need to take the class, to be more prepared for the future.

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