E-Book version of More Guns, Less Crime (Third Edition) is now available starting at $7.00

The University of Chicago Press is offering E-Book versions of More Guns, Less Crime (Third Edition) are available starting at $7.00. You can purchase the book here.

You can conveniently and quickly download e-books directly to your computer or handheld device and read them using Adobe® Digital Editions software, a free download from Adobe available for PC and Mac, as well as for e-book devices such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Kobo eReader, the Sony E-reader, and other devices. (But please note that other devices, including Amazon’s Kindle devices, are locked to their own stores and won’t be able to load e-books bought at our site. We do sell many of these e-book titles at Amazon as well, and encourage all Kindle device owners to check the Amazon site for Chicago titles to put on your Kindle.)



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