"Concealed-carry permits haven't caused problems"

Concealed carry permit holders are as law-abiding in Colorado as other places.

Since 2007, the number of concealed-carry permits in El Paso County has more than doubled, but there has not been a corresponding jump in gun violence by the permit holders.

You can believe whatever you want, but at some point it comes down to results, and nothing suggests that life here has become more dangerous because of concealed-carry permits.

There are 16,772 citizens in El Paso County who have permits to carry a concealed handgun.

In 2010, just six people had their permits revoked, and Sheriff Terry Maketa said not a single permit holder was arrested in any violent case.

Depending upon which side of the gun rights debate someone resides, Maketa’s numbers could be used to buttress any position.

You know: One side would say the sheriff doesn’t revoke many concealed-carry permits because he loves people who love guns. The other side would say that as a class, those who apply for a concealed-carry permit (see my blog) are a law-abiding lot, willing to undergo a background check, gun safety course, fingerprinting and the $60 fee for a five-year permit. . . .

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