Across the political spectrum, Americans' views of Palin improve after her speech on Tucson tragedy

WIth many in the media saying that Palin's political career is over after her speech after Tucson, NewsBusters has this:

Media outlet after media outlet panned Sarah Palin's video response to last Saturday's Tucson shootings with some going so far as claiming it ended any chance she might have of becoming president assuming that's even her goal.

Destroying this myth was a new poll published by Media Curves that actually found Americans seeing the former Alaska governor as more likeable, sincere, and believable after watching her speech:

Respondents were asked to rate Sarah Palin on a scale from 1-7 regarding likeability, believability and sincerity, with 1 representing “not at all strong in this attribute” and 7 representing “extremely strong in this attribute.”

With the exception of likeability among Democrats, Palin’s attribute ratings increased among all parties after viewing her speech. The most notable increase was her sincerity ratings, which increased from 2.62 to 2.69 among Democrats, from 5.25 to 5.45 among Republicans and from 3.68 to 3.85 among Independents.

The poll also found:

An increase in the number of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents that see her as a positive figure in the United States after viewing the speech
40 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of Republicans, and 56 percent of Independents feeling the speech helped her image
37 percent of Democrats, 78 percent of Republicans, and 54 percent of Independents feeling the speech helped her potential run for president . . .



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