Palin and the Iowa Caucuses

One Iowa reporter thinks that the Iowa caucuses are Palin's to lose.

It’s possible, maybe even probable, that Sarah Palin’s highly lucrative “keep ’em guessing” game won’t result in an actual run for president.

She may indeed be playing us. I, for one, hope so.

But if she takes the plunge, I think Palin will win the Iowa caucuses.

Now wait just a cornpickin’ minute, you might be thinking.

Surely, the Wasilla whirlwind won’t pay sufficient homage to Iowa activists, or sit at humble kitchen tables with mismatched salt and pepper shakers or serve herself up with a side of over-easy eggs at cafes or grant 30-minute interviews to the Woodbine Twiner.

As they say in the hustings, bunk.

Sure, I could be wrong. Maybe Mitt Romney finally finds just enough flips and flops to triumph this time. Maybe Tim, what’s his name again, Pawlenty catches fire. Perhaps Mike Huckabee scores a rare two-peat. I guess it’s always possible Iowa Republicans will harbor love for Barbour, or put their loot on Newt.

But can any of them stop a roaring “Mama Grizzly” from mauling the caucuses? I doubt it. . . .

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