Concealed carry on college campuses

It is my understanding that Texas, Florida, and possibly Idaho have good chances of passing concealed carry on campus this coming year. There is apparently also some support in Arizona.

Saying everyone but criminals will be safer, a veteran legislator wants to let qualified faculty carry guns on university and community college campuses.
Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, said Wednesday there has been a history of situations where someone with a grudge comes onto a campus, goes into a classroom and starts shooting. He said the current prohibition against weapons on campus - one which the criminal has ignored - leaves the teacher and student defenseless.
But Harper isn't stopping with arming the faculty. He is crafting a separate measure to allow students with certain training to also arm themselves.
Not everyone would be eligible. Harper's legislation would limit the right to those who have obtained a state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon.
That permit, which requires a background check and training, is no longer required for individuals to have weapons beneath a jacket or in a purse. But there are special privileges for those who do go through the permit process, such as being able to carry that weapon into a bar or a restaurant where alcoholic beverages are served.
Harper's bill on faculty, HB 2001, and his yet-to-be-filed measure on students would add to that list.
Similar measures have been attempted in the past, including one by Harper himself this past session. All have stalled among stiff opposition from the police chiefs at state universities.
Harper said he expects a different outcome this coming year for two political reasons.
"A couple of ‘country club Republicans' who were opposed ... will not return," he said. The 2010 election swept some of the more moderate Republicans out of office. . . .

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