Woman wounds one intruder and kills another

From Midwest City, OK:

A moving van was parked Thursday afternoon at the home of a woman who told police she shot and killed one intruder and wounded another that morning. . . .
The woman appeared to be acting well within state statutes under the "Make My Day" law, Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said. . . .
Smith said she and her husband have decided to buy a firearm to go along with their alarm system.
"It's fairly quiet during the day, but as it gets later, you see more and more teenagers and people who don't look like they're in school out running around," Smith said.
"I think we have a lot of kids who are in gangs." . . .
The woman was asleep in her house with two young children and was awakened by a loud boom about 8 a.m. and thought it was an earthquake, Clabes said.
She called her husband who works at Tinker Air Force Base. He told her no earthquakes had been reported, so she walked to the living room and saw the two intruders.
Clabes said the woman fired several shots with a handgun, then called 911.
"In my opinion, she did all the right things to protect herself and her children," Clabes said.
"It's unfortunate a death occurred, but it was a direct result of criminal activity."
Clabes said the wounded suspect was a juvenile but would not release his age. He said the man who was killed had not been identified Thursday afternoon.
The children are 2 and 3 years old, Clabes said, and their mother was "obviously very shaken up." . . .



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