Will Wisconsin pass a concealed carry bill next year?

It sure looks like Wisconsin will pass its concealed carry bill this next year. Wisconsin has come very close to passing the law recently, and the only thing stopping the state was the governor's vetoes. Well, if the polls are right, the Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker is going to win.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker has said he would sign a bill allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms, despite voting against a bill as a state representative to make such a practice legal in the state.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett has said he supports the right to bear arms, but carrying a concealed handgun presents public safety concerns. . . .

There is also a chance that Illinois could change its laws also.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Brady, backed by the Illinois State Rifle Association, favors allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons so long as they are licensed by the state. Quinn opposes that. . . .



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