Even "Factcheck.org" thinks that Dems have gone too far in misrepresenting Republican FairTax proposals

Dems have tried to sell the FairTax as a Republican tax increase. The site has some copies of the ads.

This line of attack has emerged as a major Democratic theme. We counted at least 33 TV spots since August that make this claim, and it’s being repeated in an unknown number of mailers and in ads running on radio or local cable channels, which we cannot monitor. . . .
But the Democratic attacks omit all those subtleties and simply strive to create the impression that the new sales tax would come on top of all existing taxes. And that’s not the case.

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Blogger TooMuchTime said...

Any sitting Senator or Congressman that says the FairTax will be an extra tax on top of what is being paid now, is either a liar or is incompetent.

S25 and H25 are submitted every congressional session and have been for a least 8 years. I know congress didn't read Obamacare but the FairTax bills have been around for a while. Saying it will be on top of other taxes proves they either haven't read the bill (so they're not doing their job) or they have read the bill and are lying.

Fire them all!

10/21/2010 11:44 AM  

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