Control groups have a new gun control loophole: “Florida Loophole”

Politics PA, something that I thought was going to been a relatively neutral political site, has this post about a Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district race. Apparently letting people who have concealed handgun permits from other states carry guns in Pennsylvania is now called the "Florida loophole." I have read and reread this discussion without seeing any evidence that this "loophole" lets criminals get guns more easily. Not one example is provided. Bryan Lentz, the gun control candidate, is running against Pat Meehan, the Republican.

Pat Meehan Turns Back on Community and Accepts Endorsement of Extreme Gun Rights Group

Springfield, PA – At the same time that editorial boards and law enforcement officials across the region are backing Bryan Lentz’s efforts to keep concealed weapons out of the hands of criminals by closing the “Florida Loophole”, Pat Meehan has accepted the endorsement of the NRA, an extreme right-wing group that has worked to undo the efforts of law enforcement officials around the country to keep their communities safe.

In a press release on its Web site, the National Rifle Association today announced that it had endorsed Pat Meehan’s campaign. According to campaign finance reports, the organization has also donated nearly $5,000 to his campaign.

The NRA endorsement comes at the same time that editorial boards and law enforcement officials across the state have backed Lentz’s efforts to close the so-called Florida loophole, the loophole in Pennsylvania state law that allows criminals to use permits from out of state to carry concealed weapons. The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and the Delaware County Daily Times have all backed Lentz’s legislation in editorials. In an editorial earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote “Lentz has a solution to what clearly is a threat to public safety.” . . .

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